HS1177 and some other cameras use the Sony 600TVL Super HAD CCD sensor and firmware and they all have the same setting options, accessed using a DPAD button controller on a cable that comes with the camera. For outdoor FPV racing it’s important to change settings to get the best image for both facing into the sun and flying into shadows, these are the settings I recommend.

  • Main Menu:
    Lens: Manual
  • Exposure:
    Shutter: Auto
    Brightness: 056
    DWDR: ON
    Level: 063
    White Bal: ATW1
    Backlight: OFF
    Day & Night: Color
    DPC: Ignore this. If you run it, you need to put on the lens cap and it will detect dead pixels on the sensor.
  • Special:
    Cam Title: OFF  – If you have no OSD. use this to spell out your pilot name and select where to display it.
    Motion: OFF
    Privacy: OFF
    Park. Line: OFF  –  If you turn this on, it will display colored bars on the screen, if you like that.
  • Image Adj:
    Lens Shad: OFF
    2DNR: ON  –  Turn off if you fly in low light, this adds blur when image gets grainy
    Mirror: OFF
    Font Color: Just ignore this setting
    Contrast: 132
    Sharpness: 030
  • Display: LCD
    Gamma: 0.30
    PED Level: 20
    Color Gain: 200  –  Change this for more or less color saturation
    Neg. Image: OFF
    Comm Adj: Ignore this, it’s for security camera stuff.